Python versions and virtual environments

This is just a reminder to myself for the next time I need to set up Python virtual environments in the future - after having not »

Perceptron and sigmoid neurons

In my ongoing quest to learn R and machine learning, I'm working my way through a most excellent book titled Neural Networks and Deep Learning, which »

Moving VMs across Azure subscriptions

I spent most of the day moving virtual machines from one of my personal Azure subscriptions, where I was doing some testing, to Little Lot's subscription. »

Connecting RStudio on OS X to SQL Azure

I've been on a mission to learn R lately. And while I've been thoroughly enjoying the ride, there's nothing like a tangible objective to really turn »

Using external libraries/frameworks (like Angular) with WinJS

The biggest advantage of using WinJS to build Windows Store and Windows Phone apps is the ability to reuse all we know and love about the »