Orbit Viewer: A Space Apps Project

On April 11-13 I participated in the International Space Apps Challenge sponsored by NASA and AUT. It was a great event and the challenge we picked »

Single Page Apps with AngularJS and BreezeJS

I'm finally getting around to learning AngularJS and am absolutely loving it. Having spent a lot of time with Knockout (and a little time looking at »

Presentations from Russia

Last week I had the privilege of joining my Russian comrades in Moscow and St. Petersburg for the patterns & practices Summit Russia. Another great example »

Ruby Koans: Enlightenment Through Truth

As a big fan of Buddhism and as an aspiring Rubyist, I’m really gaining a wonderful appreciation for the Ruby Koans. They are such a »

RSpec Helper Examples with content_for Calls

On a Rails app I’m building, I have a helper method that makes it easier to have unique page titles on each page using an »